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20 January 2013 @ 10:55 pm
Writing : The Life And Death Of Kara Thorne - Broken  
This story show the struggles of a young girl as she is abused and torn from her home becoming a prisoner and a slave.

Kara stared into the darkness trying to distance her mind from her body as the soldier tore open her dress and forcefully entered her and the pain shot through her body like a knife. When the soldiers had first entered her home Kara was preparing food for her parents but was distracted by the sound of screams and the thundering of horses and as she was walking to the door to see what was going on the soldiers burst through and Kara tried to fight them, she kicked and screamed but none of it was any use as the soldiers were too strong and they easily overpowered her.
          One by one the soldiers had their turn and Kara thought that the rape seemed like a never ending torment, Kara could feel the blood running down her skin and the pain of the rough assault was growing. When the soldiers were finished with her the leader of the four grabbed her by the hair, his face was so close to Kara's she could see he had a rough and worn face and she could smell his breath it was such a awful stench. He smiled and the threw her against the wall with all of his strength knocking her to the ground unconscious, blood was dripping from the wound on her head.
          The soldiers left the house laughing and they continued about their business killing, stealing and raping around the village until there was nothing left and the army left the village and moved on with no care of the devastation that they left behind.

Kara woke although her vision was blurry and the pain in her head was increasing from the wound caused by the soldiers attack. As her vision slowly cleared Kara sat up and placed her hand over the wound on her head and as she brought it back down she saw the blood covering her fingers. Kara looked down and saw her torn dress with her legs exposed and covered in dry blood. Kara tried to stand but the pressure she was putting onto her leg was too much as she found a wood shard lodged into the side of her leg.

          Kara just sat for a few moments and took some deep breaths and then she saw her table cloth within arm's reach on the floor and she reached over and grabbed it and then tore it into strips. Kara then took one more deep breath and with the little strength she had she pulled out the wooden shard and screamed out as the pain was excruciating then she wrapped the wound with the strips of from the table cloth. Kara took another deep breath and she pulled herself across the floor to the table and used the chair to lift herself and keep pressure off her leg.
          When Kara managed to stay on her feet she slowly moved to the door but she was limping and trying to put most of the pressure onto her good leg. As she stepped through the door the brightness of the sun stung her eyes and she squinted until her eyes adjusted to the light and her vision cleared. Kara looked around and all she could see were bodies littering the ground. Everything was just so still and there seemed to be no one left alive and Kara's eyes started to fill with tears for the lost souls.
          Kara started to walk slowly through the village passing the bodies of the people she once knew and she suddenly stopped as her eyes fixed on a couple lying next to each other and she fell to her knees as she recognised her mother and her father. Kara placed her hand onto her mother's face stroking her cheek and then she just sat crying for a while. Kara tried to regain her senses and wiped away the remaining tears and then she used what little strength she had to push herself to her feet. The pain shot through her from the wound in her leg and she cringed but managed to stay on her feet. The bandage was now covered in blood from her wound but Kara just started walking and again was trying to keep most of her weight on her good leg.
          Kara left the village by the north road and she was covered in blood with her bare skin on her legs and top of breasts showing from the torn dress, but Kara did not care she just continued walking, trying to get away from the death and the memories. Kara's long black hair was blowing in the wind and it felt as if every step she took pushed a dagger further into her leg.
          She had been walking for half of the day and Kara felt so weak and so thirsty she had seen no one and nothing since she had left her village. The heat had risen and Kara felt so drained, her movements slowed and she finally ran out of strength and collapsed to the ground, she lay there on the ground for a few moments just staring into the distance before finally losing consciousness with her mind falling into darkness.

Kara woke to find herself lying down but she felt like she was moving, her vision was groggy at first but it quickly cleared and she sat up slowly as she looked around. Kara saw that she was in a caged wagon full of women and she noticed that her wound had been tended to and clean bandages placed on it. Kara had no idea how she came to be here or how long she had been unconscious but she sat in silence staring out at the land that they passed, her wounds were slowly healing but she could still feel the pain as if it had happened moments ago and her lips were dry and brittle. As the heat was rising Kara could feel the sweat falling down her skin and her breathing felt heavier as she just sat watching the emptiness. The other women paid her no attention or any attention to each other they all just sat in silence and they all looked as broken as Kara felt. Kara didn't know how these women came to be here but she did not want to think to where they were all heading and feared what was to become of them. Hours passed in silence, the only sounds were of the moving of horses and wagons and of the men that held them prisoner.

          As darkness fell Kara cooled as the heat faded, the wagons stopped and she could hear the men moving around making a camp for themselves to stay for the night and one of the soldiers came up to their wagon and opened up the door. "Come, all of you out!" The women slowly exited the wagon and as Kara moved her leg the pain felt worse than before, she tried to stand but was unable to manage to lift herself up after sitting all day taking the pressure off the wound in her leg was just too much.
          All the women had left the wagon and the soldier looked unhappy as Kara stayed, "I said OUT!" Kara slowly tried again to stand but the soldier was impatient and went into the wagon and grabbed Kara by the arm and threw her out of the wagon. Kara landed on the ground grasping at the soil beneath her as the pain filled her body; she turned to lie on her back and she held her leg where her wound was trying to hold in the pain and stop herself from crying. The soldier came over to her he took a whip off from his belt, "I think someone needs a lesson," he held up the whip to strike and the feared flowed through Kara. "Enough!" Another soldier came up to them, "We need no more marks on them, it will put the price down, she is already wounded." The first soldier put away the whip and walked over the other women, "MOVE!" and they hurried away with him.
          The second soldier looked different his armour was cleaner, brighter and the demanding way he spoke to the other soldier made Kara believe that he was the one in charge. He waved his hand and another younger solider came towards us, "Take her to my tent and have Lucas take a look at her wound""Yes Sir," The soldier grabbed Kara by the arm, "Gently soldier" he nodded and used both his arms to help Kara to her feet and allowed her to put her weight on him as they moved towards the leader's tent." As they moved slowly Kara looked around at the camp, it was the first time that she saw all of the men, they were building the tents, making the fires, laughing and joking with each other, other than the soldier who dragged her out of the wagon they didn't seem bad, but looks can be deceiving, for all she knew the soldiers who raped her had wives and children and at home were loving husbands and fathers and had friends who thought they were good men. These men could easily be just like that and the thought of if made Kara afraid to be in a camp full of them.
          They reached the tent and entered it, the soldier took Kara over to the bed and laid her down, "Stay here and don't move" Kara nodded and just lay there listening to her own breathing slowing down, the pain was still intense but slowly fading. She heard the soldier's voice again outside the tent, "Stand guard and make sure she does not leave" as she lay there she listened to the sounds outside of the soldiers and the cracking of the fires, she just closed her eyes and tried to think of something else but the only thing that entered her mind when she closed her eyes was the faces of the soldiers that raped her, she quickly opened her eyes and above her stood a old man, he was wearing armour but he did not much have the look of a soldier.
          The old man smiled at her "Hello my dear, lets have a look at this leg then" Kara sat up slightly; He sat on the bed and started to remove the bandage on her leg. "My name is Lucas," she just sat in silence trying not to look at him, she felt his kindness was a mask that could be taken off at any time and she was afraid of what was behind the mask. "So what is your name my dear?" When the bandage was removed Kara saw the wound it was sewn closed, Lucas took out a bottle and poured some of the contents onto a cloth and placed it on her wound dabbing it, Kara scrunched her eyes closed and bit her lip as what he place on the wound stung. Lucas smiled "I know the chemicals hurt when on the wound but it helps kill off any infection so it will heal. It seems you have been through quite a hard time as of late and I believe there may be more ahead for you but don't give up you may find happiness if you can fight through the pain" He took out a clean bandage and placed it over the wound. Lucas sighed "I wish you the best my dear, the slave market is a snake pit but there will be some who are gentler than others but at least you have some time to heal and to prepare, we won't arrive in Aaerethea for another two months and there will be many to join you before then." He stood up and place his things back in his bag and began to leave the tent.
          "Why are you here? Why do you help them?" Lucas turned around and walked back to Kara he sat down on the bed beside her and smiled, "I was a doctor when I was young in a hospital, but hard times fell and an army swept across our lands, and when they were finished those who survived were taken, the old and the sick were executed and the rest were sold into slavery. I was bought by a man called Simeous as his personal physician, he was a good owner and treated me well and when he died my services transferred to his son Maickon who owns these slavers and that is why I am here, I am a slave and have been most of my life, but I do what I can for those like me, you and the others." Kara's fear of him had faded she now saw the light in his eyes, "My name is Kara, thank you for helping me. Maickon is that who I saw earlier, whose tent this is?" Lucas smiled and shook his head."No Maickon is in Aaerethea awaiting us, the one leading us there is Marcus, he is not a evil man, he just works for one so he will make sure we get there safely." "Only so he can sell us for a good price," Lucas laughed,"Yes, he follows his orders well," Lucas stood up "I must go, try and get some rest if you can my dear" Kara sighed and nodded and Lucas left the tent.
          An hour must have passed when the leader Marcus entered the tent, Kara felt better from the rest on the bed as well as from the medicine that Lucas placed on her leg. She stared at him in silence as he entered, he seemed to paid no mind to her he just walked over to his trunk and started to remove his armour, Kara was afraid of what was next to come alone in a tent with him. When he had removed all of his armour leaving only his regular garments he turned towards Kara, "Lucas assures me that you wound will be fully healed by the time we reach Aaerethea until then each time we camp Lucas will check on it and make sure that there is no turn for the worst with it."
          There was knocking, but there was no door so Kara could only assume that there were some sort of wood outside allowing them to announce themselves before they entered the tent. "Come in" Marcus said in a commanding voice, a young boy came in carrying a tray full of food, Marcus pointed towards the bed, "On the stand by the bed if you please" the boy place the tray on the stand by the bed and then bowed as he left the tent. "You must be hungry, please help yourself to the food." Kara just sat she looked at the food but was afraid so she did not take anything; she stared down at the bed. Marcus could see the fear in her eyes and he sighed, he walked over to the tray of food and picked up a piece of bread and then held it out in front of Kara, "Eat! We can't have starving to death before we get there," Kara looked up at him and took the piece of bread and began to eat whilst Marcus picked up an apple and ate himself.
         Marcus walked over to the other side of the tent and sat on a stool, he looked at Kara, "How old are you?" she stopped eating the bread and looked down at the bed, but thought of what he could do to her if she did not answer, "I am in my 16th year of birth," she began eating the bread again. "I am sorry this has happened to you so young, but it can also be a blessing being so young you may be bought as a ladies maid which would be a good place for you." She kept eating until the bread was gone and Marcus kept staring at her. Kara looked up at him "Why am I here?""Why are you here?""Here in this tent and not with the other women?" Marcus smiled, "So Lucas could examine you in private" Marcus threw the left over apple into a small bucket, "but I am still here and have not been taken back to the others even when Lucas was finished." Marcus stood up "Are you unhappy with the hospitality I am showing you?" "No, I just, I….I just wonder what price I have to pay for it" Kara has wished she had not spoken and just stayed silent, Marcus' face softened and he smiled, "There is no price to pay, I understand your fear girl but just take this little bit kindness while you can, others in the camp and in Aaerethea may not show any." Kara nodded.
          "I asked Lucas this and now I ask you, why are you here? You show this kindness to me but you attack innocent people, take them and sell them as slaves, how can you do that?"Marcus sighed "I lead this army and I keep it safe from the dangers we find, but when it comes to taking slaves, I leave that to Jasen he is in charge of the captives I just make sure you get to where you are going.""But you still allow it; you still participate in it all, why? Why not lead an army with a good cause? To help and protect people?""What use is that? To die for nothing, I am a soldier and I have fought for people and I got nothing in return all I did was lose everything, my family and my home, now I take care of myself." Marcus left the tent and Kara was alone. She just sat thinking about what she said and afraid of what the consequences of it may be she should have stayed in silence but for a brief moment with him she felt safe, a feeling which now has quickly faded and the fear just flooded back in. Kara did not know what to do so she just sat in silence and soon slowly fell asleep.

A loud crashing sound filled the camp which woke Kara from her sleep and as she sat up Marcus walked into the tent. He saw the fear in her eyes, "Don't be alarmed I just seem to have clumsy men this morning, we are moving out soon there is some water and food here for you, best make the most of it while you can. There are some clothes here for you too, that torn dress wont keep you too warm" He then left the tent his voice sounded colder than it did last night much more distant, it didn't give Kara the safe feeling that she had when they were talking before and she knew it had to do with what she said. Kara slowly stood up and walked to the water she looked into it and saw the reflection of a battered and broken girl, she cupped her hands and dipped them into the water and splashed the water over her face washing away the dirt but she was still stained by everything. When she had finished washing she took the clothes Marcus had brought there was a dress and boots, not elegant but it was better than the torn rag she was wearing, when Kara had dressed she took an apple from the tray of food and sat back on the bed as she ate it, Kara felt so hungry after she finished the apple she went back for more, she took the bread and she knew she would not continue to be well fed, Marcus' kindness if it hasn't already would fade.

          Kara was finished eating and sitting patiently on the end of the bed when a soldier came into the tent, like Marcus he was dressed in different armour to the rest of the soldiers it was darker and his face it was worn and his hair was long and dark but tied back, he walked over to Kara with a dark stare and grabbed her by the arm his grip was tight and Kara could feel the pain sweeping down her arm as he pulled her from the bed and dragged her out of the tent. He threw her to the ground and soldiers gathered around, "Your little luxury treat is over, back to the cage with the other animals to be sold" he laughed as did the soldiers.
          Marcus came pushing through the crowd, "Jasen, enough""What? Are you jealous that I'm playing with your new toy?" he laughed "She is not your whore, she belongs to Maickon until she is sold and will not be attending you in your tent any more" Marcus walked closer to Jasen "Listen you dog, you do not order me, I lead this army and if it wasn't for me she may have died and Maickon may have had one less to sell her wounds were all that were being treated." Jasen smiled. "Wouldn't have been much of a loss if she did die, you may lead this army but I deal with the slaves, you do your job and I'll do mine and you can stay out of my way. Once we reach Aaerethea I will have Maickon show you your place." Jasen grabbed Kara and began to walk away, "Or perhaps he shall show you yours," The soldiers were still gathered, "Move! all of you, we need this camp packed up to move now" they all scattered to their posts and Marcus sighed as he looked at Kara being dragged to the other prisoners.
          Kara felt the pressure release as Jasen let go of her arm placing her on the ground by the other women and they all just sat in silence watching the soldiers pack up the camp, no one paid any mind to them, the guards that surrounded them just stood in silence. Kara could feel the breeze on her skin of the cool morning air and she looked at the tree line, she wondered if she could run and make it but then she thought with her leg she could barely walk so would not be able to out run the soldiers or their arrows so she just sat and waited for them to be loaded back into the wagon and hauled to their fate.

A month on the road had passed and more women were captured along the way, most of them were young, some older. Kara and the other women were fed enough to keep them alive. Marcus had kept his distance from Kara and the other women, she saw him from a distance only as he was performing his duties. Lucas came to visit at first to see her leg but it was almost healed and so Jasen stopped the visits as he thought they were no longer necessary, Lucas advised her to just exercise it when should could to get her strength back but this was difficult while locked in a cage all through the day and night. Jasen had commanded that the women not leave the cage, not even when they camped at night because a week earlier three women tried to escape and they failed. So Jasen had them executed for the attempt and none of the women would try to escape after that, the execution was Jasen's idea and Marcus stayed out of it, he just stayed silent.

          Kara sat staring at the full moon as it was hard to sleep with all of the noise from the soldier patrols and the clattering of their armour and she could hear the sounds of laughter coming from the drunken soldiers. Kara forgot what it was like to laugh and she wondered if she would ever laugh again; her whole body ached from the cramped space in the wagon sitting shoulder to shoulder with the other women. Kara noticed that the soldier patrols stared at her and the other women but each of them knew the punishment would be severe if they touched any of the women, Maickon expected his soldiers to keep their hands off his property as that is what the women were now his property until they were sold as slaves and their fear for him was stronger than having some meaningless fun with a prisoner.
          Kara heard a noise that didn't fit in with the familiar sounds from the camp and then she saw Lucas being dragged along the ground by a big brute of a soldier and she could see that he was struggling but the soldier had such a tight grip. He finally let go and Kara could see his lips moving but couldn't hear what he was saying, then Lucas loudly cried out "Please, I didn't..." the big brute kicked Lucas and he fell backwards. Kara held onto the bars so tight as if trying to crumble them and she saw the big brute take out his sword "No! Kara shouted but no one paid any attention to her as the big brute grabbed Lucas and drove the sword through his stomach, "NO!" she cried as his limp body fell to the ground. Tears formed in Kara's eyes, Lucas had been a kind person in a bad place and she was grateful for his kindness and help while she was held here as a prisoner.
          Marcus came into view walking towards Lucas' body and he then turned to the soldier, Kara couldn't hear what was said but she could see the anger of Marcus' face he then turned to two other soldiers and she could only assume that he was giving them orders as she saw them nod and take hold of the big brute as if he were a prisoner and lead him away. Marcus then knelt by Lucas' body and stayed for a moment before standing and picking up Lucas' body from the ground and he looked up towards the wagon at Kara and then walked away. Kara let go of the bars, sat back and just cried which was something the other women were accustomed to both seeing and doing so they ignored it and they all had lost interest in what the soldiers do in the camp they all just sat in silence and in fear.

Morning came and Kara had not slept, her eyes were sore from the tears she shed for Lucas. The soldiers were packing up the camp and Kara saw Jasen walking towards the wagon and the women tensed up in fear as he moved closer, Jasen opened the door of the wagon, "You whore, out now" Kara knew he was talking to her as she saw his eyes directed on her. Kara struggled past the other women to get out of the wagon but when she was out Jasen locked the wagon door and grabbed Kara by the arm and dragged her away. He took her through the camp and into the trees and Kara feared the reason for this but after a couple of minutes walking she saw Marcus standing near a lake by a newly made grave, Lucas' grave. Jasen stopped and let go of Kara "Be quick, we are moving on" Marcus nodded and Jasen walked back towards camp.

          "I thought you might like to say goodbye, Lucas was fond of you." Kara stepped closer to the grave and knelt down, "What did he do?" Marcus sighed, "the soldier who killed him was called Varos, his brother Proxus was injured during the last attack and they believed it to be a minor wound that would heal but there was further injury that could not be seen, bleeding inside caused by the attack, something Lucas nor anyone could have stopped and Varos accused Lucas of murdering his brother and that is why he took his life but if I knew of his intentions I would have stopped him before it happened." Marcus walked round to Kara and placed his hand out "Come, we must get back" Kara took a deep breath and placed her hand in Marcus' hand to help herself rise and stood just for a moment still hand in hand with Marcus looking up into his eyes before letting go, "and this Varos? What of him?""Varos was executed for Lucas' murder, Lucas was a good friend and a good man and did not deserve the fate he was given and nor do you" Marcus placed his hand upon her face and smiled then removed his hand, "nor do any of the women, yet people always seem to find a fate that they do not deserve"
          Marcus led Kara back to the camp site and when they arrived it was almost finished being packed up and would soon be ready to leave to journey further towards their fate. Kara was placed back into the wagon and Marcus went about his duties once again and she would see him only at a distance as before. They left for the road and Kara closed her eyes and slept a little while as the sun rose higher into the sky but her sleep did not come easy as the nightmares came and she saw the faces of those who have wrong her, those she has lost and those she cannot have.
          During the rest of the journey Jasen was swayed into allowing the women to leave the wagon when they made camp and they all obeyed him of his every order as they feared him and his punishments if they tried anything foolish like trying to escape. Kara knew none of them, not even she knew what was going to become of them once they reached their destination but they knew they could find worse masters than Jasen.

Time passed slowly and the couple of months on the road felt like years in captivity but they finally reached Aaerethea most of the soldiers camped outside of the city but a small guard came along with the wagons and as they entered the city Kara saw the large wooden gates they entered through surrounded by the large stone walls. There was many people rushing in and out of the city about their business and no special attention was paid to the wagons full of prisoners which made Kara believe this was a regular occurrence for this city.

          First they travelled through the outer city which was the poorest area, it was cramped and crowded, she could see beggars sitting in the dirt and harlots leading men into alleys, children played with sticks and wearing rags, Kara watched them all as she passed. Slowly she saw the difference as they headed further towards the centre of the city the buildings became grander as did the people, there were not rich but most were wealthy and others still commoners but with a generous trade you could tell the difference with the clothing and jewellery.
          They passed through a market that was busy and filled with many different types of people and items and it was something Kara had never seen the like of before but her face darkened as a thought came to her that one of these many people could be her new master when she is sold like an animal, like one of these many items in a market of slaves and she feared this as did they all.
          They passed the centre of the city and they came to some more large gates, still not as big as the city gates and these were some sort of metal and as they entered Kara saw other prisoners in the courtyard of the property they were all lined up against the wall and faces looking down towards the ground not one of them looked up as they came in, when all the soldiers and wagons were in the courtyard the gates were closed behind them, a large door opened and a large old man came out to greet Jasen. "My lord Maickon it's nice to see you in good health" "Oh finally your back, I need some new meat for the market, I have had slim pickings lately from the sea traders, let me see them out of the cages."
          Kara watched Jasen come and open the door to the wagon she was in and ordered everyone out, slowly they all stepped out of the wagon and move across the courtyard place all in a line Kara was the last to join, and then he did the same for the other two wagons. Marcus just stood back and watched as Kara and the others were all examined by his master. Maickon walked along the line looking at each girl carefully and not paying special attention to any of them, "Very nice, these should fetch a nice price at the market tomorrow." He walked back towards the house and then stopped and turned back to Jasen, "Make sure they are all washed and dressed.
          Kara watched as Maickon left and Jasen stood facing her and the other women, he signalled to the guard to his right to lead them away into the building to their cell. They all followed the guard who lead them to a large empty room where they would stay and await their fate, all of the doors and windows were barred to prevent anyone from attempting an escape. Kara and the other women spread around the room, blankets were piled up around the edge of the room for them to use for sleep. Two neatly dressed women entered the room and approached each of the women to clean them up, washing them and providing them with clean clothes. Kara watched as they went from person to person with no complaints because none of them had any fight left in them, they were all broken. The women finally came to Kara and began to wash her and brush her hair; she had forgotten what it felt like to be clean. Finally they helped her into the new clothes and once they were finished they left and more servants entered and placed food on the table, basic bread and cheese with some water but it was a feast compared to the scraps that they had been given before.
          Night came and all of the women took one of the blankets that were piled at the edge of the room and placed it on the floor and each lay down to try and get some sleep, it may not have been a bed but it was a lot more comfortable than a cramped wagon. Kara lay there but she couldn't sleep so she stood up and walked over to the barred window and just stared out at the moon for a few moments. Kara then looked down to the courtyard below where the soldiers were patrolling the grounds and she saw Marcus walking in the moonlight with another soldier they were talking and then they parted ways and Kara saw Marcus look up at and a moment later he was hailed by another soldier and Marcus gaze turned away and he walked out of Kara's view.

Kara woke to the sounds of shouting and she saw the servants were waking all of the women and brought them each a piece of bread and some water. Then Kara and the others were taken from the room and led through the house to the courtyard and again were lined up in row. Maickon came out of the house and stood in front of Kara and the others and smiled. "Go make me some money" he advised Jasen and he signalled for the soldiers to load all of the women back into the wagons. Kara was the last to enter the wagon and as the wagon door closed on her she looked around as some of the other soldiers gathered behind the wagons and the wagons started to move and they began to exit the property as the last wagon set off through the gates with Kara inside she saw Marcus come out of the house and he looked at her and quickly turned away. The gates closed and Kara's view of the courtyard and everyone in it was gone.

          Kara saw some familiar sites that they passed the day before and again there were still people rushing around at their day to day work, ladies and gentlemen strolling in their elegant clothes. They came to the edge of the market and stopped, Kara could see a crowd of people stood in the centre of the market around a small stage that stood at the centre of the crowd with a large man in a silk cloak and full of jewellery stood shouting prices, amounts going higher and higher, they were bids to the slave that stood by his side in chains. Kara took a deep breath as she knew the same was to happen to her. The soldiers began to unload the first wagon and Kara could see Jasen leading the women as they were taken up on the stage and paraded in front of the audience and auction off to the highest bidder.
          Kara's wagon was the last to be unloaded and she was dragged up onto the stage like the others were and he began to auction her, "Beautiful, young and ready to work, now who will give me 200 drakons?" Kara could hear the shouts from the crowd, 200, 300, 400 all fighting for a chance to own her Kara took a deep breath and closed her eyes and it all stopped, it was over she opened her eyes and heard the auctioneer shout, "Sold for £1000 drakons to Lord Viktorius, thank you my lord" Kara looked at the man who had just bought her life, her body and he was a handsome looking man who looked to be around his 30th year, he wore clothes of silk with jewels. He walked from the crowd with a man following him, he stayed a few paces back from him and was the colour of jet black and wore simply plain clothes, nothing fancy and no jewels so Kara believed him to work for her new master.
          She was dragged from the stage and taken down to the edge of the market where a old bald man sat at a table marking off on some parchment and held a box of money. The black man came along side her and handed a bag to the man sitting at the table. Kara watched as he counted the money that was provided for her sale and when the last coin passed through his fingers he looked up and smiled. "Very good, she is all yours," he stood and walked over to Kara and removed the shackles that bound her and a moment later she was bound again by rope and the black man held the other end and began to walk pulling Kara along with him so she was forced to follow him to the next path of her fate. Kara sighed and took a deep breath as she was still a prisoner and still trapped. She knew she would soon meet her new master.