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17 January 2013 @ 04:35 pm
Book Review : Seeing Redd by Frank Beddor  
Seeing Redd
by Frank Beddor

Alyss of Wonderland's rules has only just begun, and already those who prefer chaos to peace are threatening to destroy everything worth imagining. Trailed by newly appointed royal bodyguard Homburg Molly, Alyss is doing her best to keep pace with the non-stop demands of being queen while attempting to evade Molly for a few private moments with Dodge.
Alyss' life is a challenging mix of duty, love and tough decisions, and then a series of phantom sightings set fire to an urban myth of Her Imperial Viciousness' return and have everyone...Seeing Redd.
Has Redd somehow freed herself and her chief assassin, The Cat, from the confides of the Heart Crystal? If not, then who has resurrected Redd's brutal foot soldiers the Glass Eyes and set them loose to attack Wonderland on all sides?
Battles rage, looking glasses explode, and the Alyssians once again unite to defend White Imagination in this fast-paced follow-up to the New York Times bestselling The Looking Glass Wars.(less)

Seeing Redd is the second book in Frank Beddor's trilogy based on Alice in wonderland.

Ok so this second book starts not long after the first book ends with Alyss trying to rebuild what her aunt Redd destroyed. King Arch who is introduced in the first book has a bigger role in this book, he recreates the glass eyes and plots against Alyss while pretending to be a friend. Redd returns through a painting on earth and starts to build an army of ex wonderlanders and human criminals to help her take back her throne. fights happen, redd nearly takes the palace and alyss wins using arch's plan, redd is forced back.

So this book was as enjoyable as the first one, the characters develop a bit more. I still kind of find Redd's character quite childish for a woman of her age, but she does make a good villan being merciless and vicious i also like the way she comes from the painting into the real world but i didn't like the idea of her being blurry, i just cant imagine it well.. We saw Alyss and dodges relationship grow more and i do think they make a good couple. I like Arch because his is manipulative and a good villain but im not sure about his hate for females in power, he is sexist but then again it makes him a better character for his motives and actions.

In both books one thing i wasn't too keen on is the family suits, they switch their loyalties with each monarch and get away from it and i don't particularly find them strong characters.And i wished the characters of the card soldiers and chess pieces felt more real but with them being exactly what they were cards and chess pieces i just couldn't really enjoy them too much as characters.

but overall i did enjoy the book and i am looking forward to ready the third and final book in the trilogy.