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22 March 2020 @ 08:49 am
Here are some links to some of my works of Art & Writing that i have posted. 
Note that these links will take you other sites outside of LJ.



Original Novels/Short Stories

Dragons : Read Here

The Life And Death Of Kara Thorne - Broken  Read Here

The Queen's Blade   Read Here


All of my graphics including Icons, Banners, Wallpapers, etccan be found a liviagraphix

My graphics including my Photo Manipulation & Resources. Also my writing can be found at my DeviantArt LiviaAlexandra


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This story show the struggles of a young girl as she is abused and torn from her home becoming a prisoner and a slave.

Kara stared into the darkness trying to distance her mind from her body as the soldier tore open her dress and forcefully entered her and the pain shot through her body like a knife. When the soldiers had first entered her home Kara was preparing food for her parents but was distracted by the sound of screams and the thundering of horses and as she was walking to the door to see what was going on the soldiers burst through and Kara tried to fight them, she kicked and screamed but none of it was any use as the soldiers were too strong and they easily overpowered her.
          One by one the soldiers had their turn and Kara thought that the rape seemed like a never ending torment, Kara could feel the blood running down her skin and the pain of the rough assault was growing. When the soldiers were finished with her the leader of the four grabbed her by the hair, his face was so close to Kara's she could see he had a rough and worn face and she could smell his breath it was such a awful stench. He smiled and the threw her against the wall with all of his strength knocking her to the ground unconscious, blood was dripping from the wound on her head.
          The soldiers left the house laughing and they continued about their business killing, stealing and raping around the village until there was nothing left and the army left the village and moved on with no care of the devastation that they left behind.

Kara woke although her vision was blurry and the pain in her head was increasing from the wound caused by the soldiers attack. As her vision slowly cleared Kara sat up and placed her hand over the wound on her head and as she brought it back down she saw the blood covering her fingers. Kara looked down and saw her torn dress with her legs exposed and covered in dry blood. Kara tried to stand but the pressure she was putting onto her leg was too much as she found a wood shard lodged into the side of her leg.

          Kara just sat for a few moments and took some deep breaths and then she saw her table cloth within arm's reach on the floor and she reached over and grabbed it and then tore it into strips. Kara then took one more deep breath and with the little strength she had she pulled out the wooden shard and screamed out as the pain was excruciating then she wrapped the wound with the strips of from the table cloth. Kara took another deep breath and she pulled herself across the floor to the table and used the chair to lift herself and keep pressure off her leg.
          When Kara managed to stay on her feet she slowly moved to the door but she was limping and trying to put most of the pressure onto her good leg. As she stepped through the door the brightness of the sun stung her eyes and she squinted until her eyes adjusted to the light and her vision cleared. Kara looked around and all she could see were bodies littering the ground. Everything was just so still and there seemed to be no one left alive and Kara's eyes started to fill with tears for the lost souls.
          Kara started to walk slowly through the village passing the bodies of the people she once knew and she suddenly stopped as her eyes fixed on a couple lying next to each other and she fell to her knees as she recognised her mother and her father. Kara placed her hand onto her mother's face stroking her cheek and then she just sat crying for a while. Kara tried to regain her senses and wiped away the remaining tears and then she used what little strength she had to push herself to her feet. The pain shot through her from the wound in her leg and she cringed but managed to stay on her feet. The bandage was now covered in blood from her wound but Kara just started walking and again was trying to keep most of her weight on her good leg.
          Kara left the village by the north road and she was covered in blood with her bare skin on her legs and top of breasts showing from the torn dress, but Kara did not care she just continued walking, trying to get away from the death and the memories. Kara's long black hair was blowing in the wind and it felt as if every step she took pushed a dagger further into her leg.
          She had been walking for half of the day and Kara felt so weak and so thirsty she had seen no one and nothing since she had left her village. The heat had risen and Kara felt so drained, her movements slowed and she finally ran out of strength and collapsed to the ground, she lay there on the ground for a few moments just staring into the distance before finally losing consciousness with her mind falling into darkness.

Kara woke to find herself lying down but she felt like she was moving, her vision was groggy at first but it quickly cleared and she sat up slowly as she looked around. Kara saw that she was in a caged wagon full of women and she noticed that her wound had been tended to and clean bandages placed on it. Kara had no idea how she came to be here or how long she had been unconscious but she sat in silence staring out at the land that they passed, her wounds were slowly healing but she could still feel the pain as if it had happened moments ago and her lips were dry and brittle. As the heat was rising Kara could feel the sweat falling down her skin and her breathing felt heavier as she just sat watching the emptiness. The other women paid her no attention or any attention to each other they all just sat in silence and they all looked as broken as Kara felt. Kara didn't know how these women came to be here but she did not want to think to where they were all heading and feared what was to become of them. Hours passed in silence, the only sounds were of the moving of horses and wagons and of the men that held them prisoner.

          As darkness fell Kara cooled as the heat faded, the wagons stopped and she could hear the men moving around making a camp for themselves to stay for the night and one of the soldiers came up to their wagon and opened up the door. "Come, all of you out!" The women slowly exited the wagon and as Kara moved her leg the pain felt worse than before, she tried to stand but was unable to manage to lift herself up after sitting all day taking the pressure off the wound in her leg was just too much.
          All the women had left the wagon and the soldier looked unhappy as Kara stayed, "I said OUT!" Kara slowly tried again to stand but the soldier was impatient and went into the wagon and grabbed Kara by the arm and threw her out of the wagon. Kara landed on the ground grasping at the soil beneath her as the pain filled her body; she turned to lie on her back and she held her leg where her wound was trying to hold in the pain and stop herself from crying. The soldier came over to her he took a whip off from his belt, "I think someone needs a lesson," he held up the whip to strike and the feared flowed through Kara. "Enough!" Another soldier came up to them, "We need no more marks on them, it will put the price down, she is already wounded." The first soldier put away the whip and walked over the other women, "MOVE!" and they hurried away with him.
          The second soldier looked different his armour was cleaner, brighter and the demanding way he spoke to the other soldier made Kara believe that he was the one in charge. He waved his hand and another younger solider came towards us, "Take her to my tent and have Lucas take a look at her wound""Yes Sir," The soldier grabbed Kara by the arm, "Gently soldier" he nodded and used both his arms to help Kara to her feet and allowed her to put her weight on him as they moved towards the leader's tent." As they moved slowly Kara looked around at the camp, it was the first time that she saw all of the men, they were building the tents, making the fires, laughing and joking with each other, other than the soldier who dragged her out of the wagon they didn't seem bad, but looks can be deceiving, for all she knew the soldiers who raped her had wives and children and at home were loving husbands and fathers and had friends who thought they were good men. These men could easily be just like that and the thought of if made Kara afraid to be in a camp full of them.
          They reached the tent and entered it, the soldier took Kara over to the bed and laid her down, "Stay here and don't move" Kara nodded and just lay there listening to her own breathing slowing down, the pain was still intense but slowly fading. She heard the soldier's voice again outside the tent, "Stand guard and make sure she does not leave" as she lay there she listened to the sounds outside of the soldiers and the cracking of the fires, she just closed her eyes and tried to think of something else but the only thing that entered her mind when she closed her eyes was the faces of the soldiers that raped her, she quickly opened her eyes and above her stood a old man, he was wearing armour but he did not much have the look of a soldier.
          The old man smiled at her "Hello my dear, lets have a look at this leg then" Kara sat up slightly; He sat on the bed and started to remove the bandage on her leg. "My name is Lucas," she just sat in silence trying not to look at him, she felt his kindness was a mask that could be taken off at any time and she was afraid of what was behind the mask. "So what is your name my dear?" When the bandage was removed Kara saw the wound it was sewn closed, Lucas took out a bottle and poured some of the contents onto a cloth and placed it on her wound dabbing it, Kara scrunched her eyes closed and bit her lip as what he place on the wound stung. Lucas smiled "I know the chemicals hurt when on the wound but it helps kill off any infection so it will heal. It seems you have been through quite a hard time as of late and I believe there may be more ahead for you but don't give up you may find happiness if you can fight through the pain" He took out a clean bandage and placed it over the wound. Lucas sighed "I wish you the best my dear, the slave market is a snake pit but there will be some who are gentler than others but at least you have some time to heal and to prepare, we won't arrive in Aaerethea for another two months and there will be many to join you before then." He stood up and place his things back in his bag and began to leave the tent.
          "Why are you here? Why do you help them?" Lucas turned around and walked back to Kara he sat down on the bed beside her and smiled, "I was a doctor when I was young in a hospital, but hard times fell and an army swept across our lands, and when they were finished those who survived were taken, the old and the sick were executed and the rest were sold into slavery. I was bought by a man called Simeous as his personal physician, he was a good owner and treated me well and when he died my services transferred to his son Maickon who owns these slavers and that is why I am here, I am a slave and have been most of my life, but I do what I can for those like me, you and the others." Kara's fear of him had faded she now saw the light in his eyes, "My name is Kara, thank you for helping me. Maickon is that who I saw earlier, whose tent this is?" Lucas smiled and shook his head."No Maickon is in Aaerethea awaiting us, the one leading us there is Marcus, he is not a evil man, he just works for one so he will make sure we get there safely." "Only so he can sell us for a good price," Lucas laughed,"Yes, he follows his orders well," Lucas stood up "I must go, try and get some rest if you can my dear" Kara sighed and nodded and Lucas left the tent.
          An hour must have passed when the leader Marcus entered the tent, Kara felt better from the rest on the bed as well as from the medicine that Lucas placed on her leg. She stared at him in silence as he entered, he seemed to paid no mind to her he just walked over to his trunk and started to remove his armour, Kara was afraid of what was next to come alone in a tent with him. When he had removed all of his armour leaving only his regular garments he turned towards Kara, "Lucas assures me that you wound will be fully healed by the time we reach Aaerethea until then each time we camp Lucas will check on it and make sure that there is no turn for the worst with it."
          There was knocking, but there was no door so Kara could only assume that there were some sort of wood outside allowing them to announce themselves before they entered the tent. "Come in" Marcus said in a commanding voice, a young boy came in carrying a tray full of food, Marcus pointed towards the bed, "On the stand by the bed if you please" the boy place the tray on the stand by the bed and then bowed as he left the tent. "You must be hungry, please help yourself to the food." Kara just sat she looked at the food but was afraid so she did not take anything; she stared down at the bed. Marcus could see the fear in her eyes and he sighed, he walked over to the tray of food and picked up a piece of bread and then held it out in front of Kara, "Eat! We can't have starving to death before we get there," Kara looked up at him and took the piece of bread and began to eat whilst Marcus picked up an apple and ate himself.
         Marcus walked over to the other side of the tent and sat on a stool, he looked at Kara, "How old are you?" she stopped eating the bread and looked down at the bed, but thought of what he could do to her if she did not answer, "I am in my 16th year of birth," she began eating the bread again. "I am sorry this has happened to you so young, but it can also be a blessing being so young you may be bought as a ladies maid which would be a good place for you." She kept eating until the bread was gone and Marcus kept staring at her. Kara looked up at him "Why am I here?""Why are you here?""Here in this tent and not with the other women?" Marcus smiled, "So Lucas could examine you in private" Marcus threw the left over apple into a small bucket, "but I am still here and have not been taken back to the others even when Lucas was finished." Marcus stood up "Are you unhappy with the hospitality I am showing you?" "No, I just, I….I just wonder what price I have to pay for it" Kara has wished she had not spoken and just stayed silent, Marcus' face softened and he smiled, "There is no price to pay, I understand your fear girl but just take this little bit kindness while you can, others in the camp and in Aaerethea may not show any." Kara nodded.
          "I asked Lucas this and now I ask you, why are you here? You show this kindness to me but you attack innocent people, take them and sell them as slaves, how can you do that?"Marcus sighed "I lead this army and I keep it safe from the dangers we find, but when it comes to taking slaves, I leave that to Jasen he is in charge of the captives I just make sure you get to where you are going.""But you still allow it; you still participate in it all, why? Why not lead an army with a good cause? To help and protect people?""What use is that? To die for nothing, I am a soldier and I have fought for people and I got nothing in return all I did was lose everything, my family and my home, now I take care of myself." Marcus left the tent and Kara was alone. She just sat thinking about what she said and afraid of what the consequences of it may be she should have stayed in silence but for a brief moment with him she felt safe, a feeling which now has quickly faded and the fear just flooded back in. Kara did not know what to do so she just sat in silence and soon slowly fell asleep.

A loud crashing sound filled the camp which woke Kara from her sleep and as she sat up Marcus walked into the tent. He saw the fear in her eyes, "Don't be alarmed I just seem to have clumsy men this morning, we are moving out soon there is some water and food here for you, best make the most of it while you can. There are some clothes here for you too, that torn dress wont keep you too warm" He then left the tent his voice sounded colder than it did last night much more distant, it didn't give Kara the safe feeling that she had when they were talking before and she knew it had to do with what she said. Kara slowly stood up and walked to the water she looked into it and saw the reflection of a battered and broken girl, she cupped her hands and dipped them into the water and splashed the water over her face washing away the dirt but she was still stained by everything. When she had finished washing she took the clothes Marcus had brought there was a dress and boots, not elegant but it was better than the torn rag she was wearing, when Kara had dressed she took an apple from the tray of food and sat back on the bed as she ate it, Kara felt so hungry after she finished the apple she went back for more, she took the bread and she knew she would not continue to be well fed, Marcus' kindness if it hasn't already would fade.

          Kara was finished eating and sitting patiently on the end of the bed when a soldier came into the tent, like Marcus he was dressed in different armour to the rest of the soldiers it was darker and his face it was worn and his hair was long and dark but tied back, he walked over to Kara with a dark stare and grabbed her by the arm his grip was tight and Kara could feel the pain sweeping down her arm as he pulled her from the bed and dragged her out of the tent. He threw her to the ground and soldiers gathered around, "Your little luxury treat is over, back to the cage with the other animals to be sold" he laughed as did the soldiers.
          Marcus came pushing through the crowd, "Jasen, enough""What? Are you jealous that I'm playing with your new toy?" he laughed "She is not your whore, she belongs to Maickon until she is sold and will not be attending you in your tent any more" Marcus walked closer to Jasen "Listen you dog, you do not order me, I lead this army and if it wasn't for me she may have died and Maickon may have had one less to sell her wounds were all that were being treated." Jasen smiled. "Wouldn't have been much of a loss if she did die, you may lead this army but I deal with the slaves, you do your job and I'll do mine and you can stay out of my way. Once we reach Aaerethea I will have Maickon show you your place." Jasen grabbed Kara and began to walk away, "Or perhaps he shall show you yours," The soldiers were still gathered, "Move! all of you, we need this camp packed up to move now" they all scattered to their posts and Marcus sighed as he looked at Kara being dragged to the other prisoners.
          Kara felt the pressure release as Jasen let go of her arm placing her on the ground by the other women and they all just sat in silence watching the soldiers pack up the camp, no one paid any mind to them, the guards that surrounded them just stood in silence. Kara could feel the breeze on her skin of the cool morning air and she looked at the tree line, she wondered if she could run and make it but then she thought with her leg she could barely walk so would not be able to out run the soldiers or their arrows so she just sat and waited for them to be loaded back into the wagon and hauled to their fate.

A month on the road had passed and more women were captured along the way, most of them were young, some older. Kara and the other women were fed enough to keep them alive. Marcus had kept his distance from Kara and the other women, she saw him from a distance only as he was performing his duties. Lucas came to visit at first to see her leg but it was almost healed and so Jasen stopped the visits as he thought they were no longer necessary, Lucas advised her to just exercise it when should could to get her strength back but this was difficult while locked in a cage all through the day and night. Jasen had commanded that the women not leave the cage, not even when they camped at night because a week earlier three women tried to escape and they failed. So Jasen had them executed for the attempt and none of the women would try to escape after that, the execution was Jasen's idea and Marcus stayed out of it, he just stayed silent.

          Kara sat staring at the full moon as it was hard to sleep with all of the noise from the soldier patrols and the clattering of their armour and she could hear the sounds of laughter coming from the drunken soldiers. Kara forgot what it was like to laugh and she wondered if she would ever laugh again; her whole body ached from the cramped space in the wagon sitting shoulder to shoulder with the other women. Kara noticed that the soldier patrols stared at her and the other women but each of them knew the punishment would be severe if they touched any of the women, Maickon expected his soldiers to keep their hands off his property as that is what the women were now his property until they were sold as slaves and their fear for him was stronger than having some meaningless fun with a prisoner.
          Kara heard a noise that didn't fit in with the familiar sounds from the camp and then she saw Lucas being dragged along the ground by a big brute of a soldier and she could see that he was struggling but the soldier had such a tight grip. He finally let go and Kara could see his lips moving but couldn't hear what he was saying, then Lucas loudly cried out "Please, I didn't..." the big brute kicked Lucas and he fell backwards. Kara held onto the bars so tight as if trying to crumble them and she saw the big brute take out his sword "No! Kara shouted but no one paid any attention to her as the big brute grabbed Lucas and drove the sword through his stomach, "NO!" she cried as his limp body fell to the ground. Tears formed in Kara's eyes, Lucas had been a kind person in a bad place and she was grateful for his kindness and help while she was held here as a prisoner.
          Marcus came into view walking towards Lucas' body and he then turned to the soldier, Kara couldn't hear what was said but she could see the anger of Marcus' face he then turned to two other soldiers and she could only assume that he was giving them orders as she saw them nod and take hold of the big brute as if he were a prisoner and lead him away. Marcus then knelt by Lucas' body and stayed for a moment before standing and picking up Lucas' body from the ground and he looked up towards the wagon at Kara and then walked away. Kara let go of the bars, sat back and just cried which was something the other women were accustomed to both seeing and doing so they ignored it and they all had lost interest in what the soldiers do in the camp they all just sat in silence and in fear.

Morning came and Kara had not slept, her eyes were sore from the tears she shed for Lucas. The soldiers were packing up the camp and Kara saw Jasen walking towards the wagon and the women tensed up in fear as he moved closer, Jasen opened the door of the wagon, "You whore, out now" Kara knew he was talking to her as she saw his eyes directed on her. Kara struggled past the other women to get out of the wagon but when she was out Jasen locked the wagon door and grabbed Kara by the arm and dragged her away. He took her through the camp and into the trees and Kara feared the reason for this but after a couple of minutes walking she saw Marcus standing near a lake by a newly made grave, Lucas' grave. Jasen stopped and let go of Kara "Be quick, we are moving on" Marcus nodded and Jasen walked back towards camp.

          "I thought you might like to say goodbye, Lucas was fond of you." Kara stepped closer to the grave and knelt down, "What did he do?" Marcus sighed, "the soldier who killed him was called Varos, his brother Proxus was injured during the last attack and they believed it to be a minor wound that would heal but there was further injury that could not be seen, bleeding inside caused by the attack, something Lucas nor anyone could have stopped and Varos accused Lucas of murdering his brother and that is why he took his life but if I knew of his intentions I would have stopped him before it happened." Marcus walked round to Kara and placed his hand out "Come, we must get back" Kara took a deep breath and placed her hand in Marcus' hand to help herself rise and stood just for a moment still hand in hand with Marcus looking up into his eyes before letting go, "and this Varos? What of him?""Varos was executed for Lucas' murder, Lucas was a good friend and a good man and did not deserve the fate he was given and nor do you" Marcus placed his hand upon her face and smiled then removed his hand, "nor do any of the women, yet people always seem to find a fate that they do not deserve"
          Marcus led Kara back to the camp site and when they arrived it was almost finished being packed up and would soon be ready to leave to journey further towards their fate. Kara was placed back into the wagon and Marcus went about his duties once again and she would see him only at a distance as before. They left for the road and Kara closed her eyes and slept a little while as the sun rose higher into the sky but her sleep did not come easy as the nightmares came and she saw the faces of those who have wrong her, those she has lost and those she cannot have.
          During the rest of the journey Jasen was swayed into allowing the women to leave the wagon when they made camp and they all obeyed him of his every order as they feared him and his punishments if they tried anything foolish like trying to escape. Kara knew none of them, not even she knew what was going to become of them once they reached their destination but they knew they could find worse masters than Jasen.

Time passed slowly and the couple of months on the road felt like years in captivity but they finally reached Aaerethea most of the soldiers camped outside of the city but a small guard came along with the wagons and as they entered the city Kara saw the large wooden gates they entered through surrounded by the large stone walls. There was many people rushing in and out of the city about their business and no special attention was paid to the wagons full of prisoners which made Kara believe this was a regular occurrence for this city.

          First they travelled through the outer city which was the poorest area, it was cramped and crowded, she could see beggars sitting in the dirt and harlots leading men into alleys, children played with sticks and wearing rags, Kara watched them all as she passed. Slowly she saw the difference as they headed further towards the centre of the city the buildings became grander as did the people, there were not rich but most were wealthy and others still commoners but with a generous trade you could tell the difference with the clothing and jewellery.
          They passed through a market that was busy and filled with many different types of people and items and it was something Kara had never seen the like of before but her face darkened as a thought came to her that one of these many people could be her new master when she is sold like an animal, like one of these many items in a market of slaves and she feared this as did they all.
          They passed the centre of the city and they came to some more large gates, still not as big as the city gates and these were some sort of metal and as they entered Kara saw other prisoners in the courtyard of the property they were all lined up against the wall and faces looking down towards the ground not one of them looked up as they came in, when all the soldiers and wagons were in the courtyard the gates were closed behind them, a large door opened and a large old man came out to greet Jasen. "My lord Maickon it's nice to see you in good health" "Oh finally your back, I need some new meat for the market, I have had slim pickings lately from the sea traders, let me see them out of the cages."
          Kara watched Jasen come and open the door to the wagon she was in and ordered everyone out, slowly they all stepped out of the wagon and move across the courtyard place all in a line Kara was the last to join, and then he did the same for the other two wagons. Marcus just stood back and watched as Kara and the others were all examined by his master. Maickon walked along the line looking at each girl carefully and not paying special attention to any of them, "Very nice, these should fetch a nice price at the market tomorrow." He walked back towards the house and then stopped and turned back to Jasen, "Make sure they are all washed and dressed.
          Kara watched as Maickon left and Jasen stood facing her and the other women, he signalled to the guard to his right to lead them away into the building to their cell. They all followed the guard who lead them to a large empty room where they would stay and await their fate, all of the doors and windows were barred to prevent anyone from attempting an escape. Kara and the other women spread around the room, blankets were piled up around the edge of the room for them to use for sleep. Two neatly dressed women entered the room and approached each of the women to clean them up, washing them and providing them with clean clothes. Kara watched as they went from person to person with no complaints because none of them had any fight left in them, they were all broken. The women finally came to Kara and began to wash her and brush her hair; she had forgotten what it felt like to be clean. Finally they helped her into the new clothes and once they were finished they left and more servants entered and placed food on the table, basic bread and cheese with some water but it was a feast compared to the scraps that they had been given before.
          Night came and all of the women took one of the blankets that were piled at the edge of the room and placed it on the floor and each lay down to try and get some sleep, it may not have been a bed but it was a lot more comfortable than a cramped wagon. Kara lay there but she couldn't sleep so she stood up and walked over to the barred window and just stared out at the moon for a few moments. Kara then looked down to the courtyard below where the soldiers were patrolling the grounds and she saw Marcus walking in the moonlight with another soldier they were talking and then they parted ways and Kara saw Marcus look up at and a moment later he was hailed by another soldier and Marcus gaze turned away and he walked out of Kara's view.

Kara woke to the sounds of shouting and she saw the servants were waking all of the women and brought them each a piece of bread and some water. Then Kara and the others were taken from the room and led through the house to the courtyard and again were lined up in row. Maickon came out of the house and stood in front of Kara and the others and smiled. "Go make me some money" he advised Jasen and he signalled for the soldiers to load all of the women back into the wagons. Kara was the last to enter the wagon and as the wagon door closed on her she looked around as some of the other soldiers gathered behind the wagons and the wagons started to move and they began to exit the property as the last wagon set off through the gates with Kara inside she saw Marcus come out of the house and he looked at her and quickly turned away. The gates closed and Kara's view of the courtyard and everyone in it was gone.

          Kara saw some familiar sites that they passed the day before and again there were still people rushing around at their day to day work, ladies and gentlemen strolling in their elegant clothes. They came to the edge of the market and stopped, Kara could see a crowd of people stood in the centre of the market around a small stage that stood at the centre of the crowd with a large man in a silk cloak and full of jewellery stood shouting prices, amounts going higher and higher, they were bids to the slave that stood by his side in chains. Kara took a deep breath as she knew the same was to happen to her. The soldiers began to unload the first wagon and Kara could see Jasen leading the women as they were taken up on the stage and paraded in front of the audience and auction off to the highest bidder.
          Kara's wagon was the last to be unloaded and she was dragged up onto the stage like the others were and he began to auction her, "Beautiful, young and ready to work, now who will give me 200 drakons?" Kara could hear the shouts from the crowd, 200, 300, 400 all fighting for a chance to own her Kara took a deep breath and closed her eyes and it all stopped, it was over she opened her eyes and heard the auctioneer shout, "Sold for £1000 drakons to Lord Viktorius, thank you my lord" Kara looked at the man who had just bought her life, her body and he was a handsome looking man who looked to be around his 30th year, he wore clothes of silk with jewels. He walked from the crowd with a man following him, he stayed a few paces back from him and was the colour of jet black and wore simply plain clothes, nothing fancy and no jewels so Kara believed him to work for her new master.
          She was dragged from the stage and taken down to the edge of the market where a old bald man sat at a table marking off on some parchment and held a box of money. The black man came along side her and handed a bag to the man sitting at the table. Kara watched as he counted the money that was provided for her sale and when the last coin passed through his fingers he looked up and smiled. "Very good, she is all yours," he stood and walked over to Kara and removed the shackles that bound her and a moment later she was bound again by rope and the black man held the other end and began to walk pulling Kara along with him so she was forced to follow him to the next path of her fate. Kara sighed and took a deep breath as she was still a prisoner and still trapped. She knew she would soon meet her new master.
20 January 2013 @ 10:18 pm

This story is about a world under attack by great beasts and the journey of our young hero Tristan to find out more about the beasts and a way to stop them, he will meet our heroine Kaia who is a part of a lost culture, the people called Dragons, and Tristan will discover about their history and the gift the gods gave to them, together they join their peoples to stop the evil of Crackus and the beasts. Can they stop the evil before there is a war that will devastate the world?

“You can’t do this, its murder!” Chiron’s voice echoed through the great hall, he looked around as faces stared back at him. The great hall was a huge circular room with 12 thrones placed evenly apart, each was a dark mahogany colour with a symbol upon the head surrounded by small jewels. “It’s a necessary act, no one wants to do this but this sacrifice will save many more lives and protect our people now and for generations to come.” Samuel sighed as he rose from his throne and walked to Chiron who was standing in the centre of the great hall. “I know how difficult this will be for you, it will be difficult for a great many people who will lose someone, but you have seen all the death and destruction they can cause if the evil in them is brought out, we all thought this was a gift to our people given by the gods, but maybe it is a curse. We know the darkness is not in them all, well maybe not a first but we can’t risk innocent lives on a hope that they won’t turn, we need to protect our people, I’m sorry my friend.” Samuel returned back to his throne and sat down, Chiron’s anger began to rise and he did not return to his seat instead he stormed out of the great hall with fire in his eyes and fury in his heart
          Chiron would not allow the council to do this, he would fight them, and he would not allow them to harm his son. Chiron travelled as fast as he could from the temple through the busy town to his home. Everyone he passed seemed happy and just going on as normal but he knew panic and fear would rise when news of the council’s plan spreads. Chiron sighed as he reached his home, Chiron was born into nobility and he rose high becoming a council member so he had great fortune and power but none of that was worth anything to the council, their plans would be carried out regardless, the kings themselves have ordered it.
          Chiron got closer to the house and noticed the door had been broken open, he took out his sword and slowly approached the door and he stepped inside. There was broken furniture everywhere, one window was shattered and Chiron knew exactly what had happened, the council knew he would resist them so they took his son while he was with them in the council meeting; Chiron punched his hand into a wall. “They will pay for this; I will not allow this massacre to happen!” Chiron’s wife had died a few years earlier and now they have took his son, he was now alone and vowed that he would stop this from happening to other people and save his son before they harm him if he can.


          Terrified screams were coming from all corners of the small town. Kaia looked on at the town with a guilt stricken face as she was standing at the edge of the forest, safe and just watching everyone running around panicking, some were in tears others in pain. Kaia knew she could do something to help these people but she did not want to reveal herself, she must try to lure him away from the town as she is. Kaia started walking toward the town, the screams were getting louder and she could make out some of the words now, “RUN!” “HIDE!” was heard amongst the screams. Many of the buildings in the town were on fire, Kaia could feel the heat from the flames and the flames reflections were in her eyes but the reflection distorted as tears began to form in her eyes but she would not let them fall. She felt sorrow for the bloodshed being spilt but she swore she would stop this and try to save these people as well as her own. Kaia entered the town and she saw a large shadow on the ground moving and covering the screaming people, everyone was changing the direction of their running when they saw the shadow, they dared not to look up. They all just kept trying to run until they found safe haven, but Kaia knew there was none when the beast was after you. The further into the town she walked the more destruction she saw and the more dead bodies she saw. Kaia took a deep breath and continued walking until she came to a house that had not yet been touched by the beast.
          Kaia felt such sadness when she saw a young girl huddled in a ball beside a crushed house she had tears running down her face and Kaia saw the sun reflecting in her tears. Kaia saw the large shadow on the ground moving closer to the girl, the young girl tilted her head up slightly and saw a great blue beast coming towards her flying at a great speed. The young girl screamed she seemed too afraid to run.
          For a moment she just stared at this taking place but then she decided to go for the girl but before her feet left the ground the girl was suddenly swept up off the ground and onto a horse by a young man. He had short black hair, green eyes and a very handsome face; both Kaia and the young girl stared at him both completely forgetting all about the beast. Kaia snapped out of her daze when she saw him pull his sword, and then gallop past the beast, for a moment Kaia had thought he was going to challenge the beast. The beast had no interest in them as they rode past it; he just changed direction after other prey.
          The beasts blue wings stretched out far, each wing must have been longer than a house and they sparkled in the sun as did the rest of its body, it was almost beautiful. The fire that the beast breathed was so hot that it killed in seconds and burned through buildings extremely fast. When the beast was flying the gust of wind from its wings was enough to blow any building over, it was like this beast was created for nothing but destruction. Kaia saw the soldiers around the town trying to fight the beast. The arrows kept flying up into the air and they would hit the beast’s body but its skin seemed to be as hard as the strongest metal and the arrows just bounced off. Kaia just shook her head in disappointment but then she had to realize this is the first they have saw of the beast and they had no knowledge of it or how to fight it and she knew they were no match for it anyway. Kaia saw them with their swords out waiting for the beast to get low enough, Kaia sighed. “The poor idiots are just going to get themselves killed;” she couldn’t help but say to herself. Kaia was just watching them try spears but none could throw them high enough and the beast would not come low enough for them to try again. She knew the beast was clever, he knew how to defend himself. The faces of the soldiers looked lost and beaten; they didn’t know what else to try.
          Kaia closed her eyes as she needed to concentrate, she tried to block out all the sounds, the screaming, and the crackling of the fires, everything until all she could hear was her own breathing and her own thoughts. Her mind was focused and clear so she opened her eyes and concentrated on the beast. Kaia just stared at him sparking in the sun and the world just seemed to slow down. Her eyes glowed red and suddenly the beast turned in Kaia’s direction and headed for her. She smiled and started to run out of town towards the mountains and the beast forgetting about the town followed her. Kaia had the beast’s full attention just as she wanted and was leading it away from the people.
          Soon nightfall came and the people were left wondering why the beast left town heading for the mountains. No one knew why it had stopped its attack but they were using this bit of peace to their advantage. The soldiers were evacuating people, helping the injured and removing the dead. The soldiers had set up a small camp outside of the town until they decided what they were to do next. They dared not go looking for the beast as they had no idea how to destroy it and would only lose more men trying.

“This is the second small town in a matter of days, this beast must be stopped, thousands of people have already been killed.” Marcus paced around the tent he seemed so frustrated with the situation.
“Well we all know that Marcus but what do you suggest we do? We have lost countless men to the beast and our weapons do no good its skin is impenetrable, as hard as stone and it breaths fire. I fear nothing human can kill this beast.” Tidas’ voice crackled and has worn with age. Marcus turned towards Tidas “So what you want is for us just to give up? Is that your great plan Tidas? Just let it kill us all?” Marcus slammed his fist down onto the table letting out some of his anger. The wind started to pick up bowing onto the outside of the tent, it gradually got louder into a howling sound. All the men in the tent were wearing armour that looked worn, scratched and burned. They were all high ranking officers in the king’s army but they were not afraid to get their hands dirty like any other soldier in order to protect their people and their homes.

          A voice came from the back of the tent. “There is another plan we could follow, there must be someone who knows something about this beast, it must have some weaknesses, it can’t have just appeared out of thin air.” The room sighed at the young man who came further into the light, “And where do you suppose we look for this person who has all this knowledge about the beast? And how we defeat it? What fantasy world shall we look in boy? Tidas ignited a small bust of laughter in the room. “It may be the only one of its kind and we may be the first to discover it. Why don’t you go and run off back to the palace and leave this to the real men Tristan.” Tidas sounded as if it were more of an order than a suggestion. “I’m not a child anymore old man, I’m here to help and I will be listened to as you would my father.” The anger in Tidas rose, his voice louder than normal, “NOW Listen here boy...”
          “Enough!” a voice came from the shadows, then followed a man walking into the tent and like Tristan he had a handsome face but it had weathered with age and jet black her with brown eyes.”Well arguing doesn’t seem to be getting us anywhere,” They all bowed in honour of their king. “What is your plan my son? And we will at least listen to what you have to say.” King Atreyus join the circle of men in the tent for this discussion. “Well just attacking the beast doesn’t seem to be working we are just wasting men and weapons. We need to know what we are fighting and how to fight it. What we need are men to gather information, travelling the lands trying to find even the smallest bit of help. We need to see if the beast has attacked anywhere else and if we can where the beast came from, and if there are any ways to stop it, if I am wrong and no one anywhere knows anything about the beast we have wasted some time. If we ignore this and just keep attacking it we will waste some lives.” Marcus stepped up to Tristan.
          “Boy, no man’s life is a waste, they all defend their homes and families, and they die with honour but perhaps you are right and a change of strategy is in order.” The other men nodded in agreement, Tidas hesitated but also nodded his agreement with his usual grim look upon his face. “Very well my son we shall try your plan, it seems there are no better ideas.” The king looked around the room at his best soldiers; Tristan stepped up to his father. “I would like to be one of the men sent out father.” Tristan sounded determined but King Atreyus shook his head, “No my son it is too dangerous you will stay here, do not worry the right men will be chosen for the task.” Tristan did not agree with this decision,
“Father I will be in much more danger here with that beast than I will be anywhere else, I’m not a child anymore I can take care of myself you made sure of that with all of my training, let me do this.” Tristan’s voice started to get calmer, “Please father, I’m the right man for this task.” King Atreyus sighed, “Let him go my king, the boy wishes to prove himself and protect his people he should be given this chance.” The other men stayed silent but nodded in agreement with Marcus. “He will only be in our way here anyway,” Tidas added with a small smile and King Atreyus agreed by nodding his head in approval. “Very well my son the task is yours, choose the other men you think best for the task and let us hope you do bring back some good news, as soon as you can.” Tristan smiled and nodded his head.

Kaia was making her way into a cave on the side of the mountain, going deeper and deeper into the heart of the mountain; she could hear the heavy breathing of the beast echoing in the cave getting louder as it was getting closer. Since the sun had set and nightfall came it had become so dark, Kaia could barely see ahead of herself in the cave and she had no light to guide her. Kaia came to a huge circular room and she started to spin round to the direction she came in and saw a huge ball of fire coming her way lighting up the cave. Kaia dived to the floor as the fireball reached her and headed straight above her and hitting the wall on the far end of the room. There was a crackling sound and it seemed to have ignited an oil filled pouch running all along the wall, lighting up the whole room.

          Kaia could now see everything in the well lit room; there were four statues placed around the room of two men and two women. Kaia moved towards the back of the room as the beast entered it, the fury was burning in its eyes; the beast roared and started building up a flame ready to head in Kaia’s direction. “You know what Crackus will do to you if you kill me,” Kaia smiled, the beast understood and put out the flame burning inside. The beast moved closer to Kaia, they were so close the beast face was almost touching hers. Kaia smiled at him “You can always surrender old friend, let me help you.” The beast roared, the fire burned in Kaia’s eyes, she had his answer.

Each commander brought forth a selection of their best men for Tristan to choose from, he and five other men would ride out and try and discover anything they could about the beast that was attacking them. The people seemed hopeful because they had not seen or heard anything of the beast since it attacked the town of Lightthorpe but Tristan knew that it would be back and another town would fall prey to the beast’s destruction. For this task Tristan wanted to choose the ones who were fast as time was not on their side, the best fighters were needed as there were other dangers in the world and these men needed to survive to tell of any information they may gather. Each of the men had recommendations from his commanding officer and they were all ready to serve their king and complete this task.

          Tristan considered each man carefully and chose his five for the task. Tristan and the five men chosen gathered around a map each discussed how they thought each are should be split up and they also knew that some places had been untraveled by his people so there would be uncharted land they may have to go through. Taking each mans skills into consideration such as the best climber would be suitable with areas of mountain land, the best tracker would be more suitable for a lot of forest and so on. When it was decided who would be travelling where they all spent the night planning, saying their goodbyes to their families and whatever other preparation they needed to do.
          Tristan was in the palace war room studying his section of the map and deciding which route through the area may be best to start. These are places that he had never been before so he would be learning a lot for himself about the world as well as the vital information he needed for his people. Tristan had spent his life in Adena, his father had never allowed him to travel anywhere else as he was an only child and so King Atreyus’ only heir but now this was his chance to see new places and to prove to his father that he was no child and that he could protect his people.
          The doors of the war room sounded like thunder as they opened, Tristan looked up to see Tidas entering the room with the same grim expression he had always worn. “You should be resting boy; you’ve got a lot of ground to travel.” Tidas kept walking closer to Tristan, “I’m not tired, there is too much to think about.” Tidas grunted and now standing on the opposite side of the table to Tristan he looked down at the map and sighed. “You will have to learn boy that sleep is the most important weapon you have, a well rested soldier has a better chance of survival than one without rest. You may not think you are tired but you don’t know when you are next going to be able to sleep and you are now going to be leaving the safety of the palace for the dangers of the world with no one there to watch your back, so sleep while you can.”
Tidas turned and walked back towards the door, “and good luck boy.” Tristan smiled, “Thank you old man.” Tidas returned a smile which Tristan could not see. When Tidas had left the room he agreed that the old man had a point and decided to go and try to get some sleep, so he left the war room and headed for his chamber still thinking on his way.

Kaia watched the sun rise from the cave mouth; she looked towards the small town she had come from. The fires were all out and the people were cleaning up and mourning their dead. Kaia sighed "Enjoy these beautiful mornings while you can, because there is more darkness ahead, Crackus will see to that," she closed her eyes and took a deep breath she then headed back into the cave entering the circular room that was still brightly lit. Kaia stood at the centre of the room and looked around at the four statues; they were well carved with a lot of detail. Both women were beautiful with nicely shaped bodies, one hand long flowing hair reaching down to her waist giving a seducing smile, the other had hair reaching to her shoulders, with a fierce glance and both were wearing a long robe fitting nicely to show the curved shape of their bodies. The men were carved handsome and strong; one with short hair with a battle ready expression on his face and the other had shoulder length hair with a sad smile upon his face. Both men were wearing elegant robes; it was like they were turned to stone in the middle of a heated conversation.

          Kaia’s anger was rising, "WHY?" she shouted and it echoed through the cave, "Why?" she said much quieter. "You created Dragons, you gave them this power, you watched as they tore each other apart, did you want to save the world? Or did you wish to destroy it?" she again looked around at the statues, she shook her head. "Why am I talking to a rock?" a small laugh escaped her mouth. Kaia headed back out of the cave and walked down the narrow path way until she came to the bottom and she came to a large oak tree where a grave lay with a wooden cross marker. Kaia knelt by the grave and smiled “I’m sorry it had to come to this my friend, I’m trying to help, I hate that Crackus is doing this but it will end. I promise I will help our people.” Kaia took a deep breath and stood up, she looked down and the grave “Goodbye Tobias.” She then walked away and headed to the forest. As Kaia walked further and further into the forest she came to a small opening in which was a small waterfall leading to small river. Tied to a tree was a beautiful black horse eating the grass that lay below it, He looked up as Kaia moved in closer. “Hello my friend, I’m sorry I took so long,” Kaia smiled and stroked her hand down his head. “Let’s get going, we have to move fast,” the stallion nodded his head and Kaia mounted her horse and started off on a light trot leading into a fast gallop heading for home.

Tristan and the other men had left at first light and were each on their separate ways to complete their mission, he was riding through the forest heading towards the border of Adena. Tristan was afraid of all the dangers he may find on his journey and that he me fail, but he would not give up. He had no idea what he would do if he encountered another beast, his own fathers army could not stop it and he didn’t know what could. There were too many thoughts rushing through his head, he needed to put them aside and clear his head for his mission. Tristan came to the edge of the forest; he stopped for a moment and gazed at the long valley in front of him. In his whole life Tristan had never left Adena so this was new for him, he took a deep breath and continued on into the valley.

          The breeze was nice and cool upon Tristan’s face to help counter the heat from the sun, he kept riding but the valley seemed never ending it was as far as the eye could see but he just kept going. Tristan wanted to travel as much ground as possible during the day, he wanted to ride through the night too but he would be no good to anyone if he exhausts him or his horse out as he still has quite a way to go.
          Half the day had gone by as he was riding and he finally came to out of the valley and into more forest. Tristan was happy he was now shielded from the sun by the trees, he entered the forest and as he was riding further into it he heard voices so Tristan slowed down and headed in the direction of the voices. He saw four men surrounding a small boy. The boy was holding a knife and the men holding their swords and closing in further on the boy and he looked scared, “You can come with us willingly boy or we will use force” he smiled, “I don’t care which, either way you are going to Crackus, he has plans for the likes of you.” The boy ran at the older ugly looking man who had addressed him but he just pushed the boy to the ground with little force knocking the knife from his hand.
          Tristan rode up to the group of men “Leave the boy be,” the group just laughed at him and turned towards him, “Why don’t you mind your own business and run along.” Tristan got down from his horse and walked up to the ugly man whose actions seemed to make him the leader of the group. “I’ll ask you one more time to leave the boy be,” his face turned grim as he stared at Tristan. “Well maybe we should teach you a lesson boy,” Tristan smiled at him as he signalled for his three men to step forward and attack. They came forward one at a time; the first man who was the youngest of the group thrust his sword at Tristan’s stomach, he blocked the attack and Tristan made a counter thrust at the man’s neck cutting it deep and he fell to the ground.
          The second man came forward and lifted his sword high going for Tristan’s head but before he could bring his sword to finish his attack Tristan slashed his sword across the man’s stomach and he fell to the ground in pain next to his fallen comrade. The third man was faster and more skilled than the others he made an attack for Tristan’s stomach which he blocked and made a counter attack for the man’s head which was blocked then the man made another attack for his back as he turned and blocked the attack only just before it hit him. Tristan lunged his sword at the man’s head and as he blocked it Tristan grabbed his dagger and plunged it into the man’s stomach, he dropped his sword and Tristan made a final blow to the man’s head.
          The leader was the last man to deal with and his anger had risen with the fall of his men but he had no intention of joining them so he decided to jump onto his horse and flee for the moment leaving the boy and Tristan felt no need to chase after him so he let him go. Tristan walked towards the boy, “You OK?” the boy snatched up his knife. “I needed no help from you I had everything under control,” Tristan laughed but could see the boy was still scared. “Of course you did, but since I was here I thought I’d help anyway,” the boy scowled at Tristan, “Do not anger me, I am to be very powerful, Kaia said so.” Tristan was just smiling at the boy, “And who is Kaia?” the boy was just staring at Tristan and still holding the knife, “is she your girlfriend?” the boy shook his head, “Yuck no she’s not, not that it’s any of your business but she is my sister, I was following her to help when those idiots caught up with me and stopped me” Tristan walked closer to the boy still with a smile on his face. “Why don’t you put the knife down and tell me your name,” Tristan could see the boy was reluctant to give up the knife so he gave a gentle smile, “I’m not going to hurt you, you can trust me.”
          The boy slowly put his knife away and Tristan walked up to him and knelt down so they were eye to eye. “My name is Darius,” he smiled at the boy,
“Hi Darius, I’m Tristan, so you said you were following your sister? Do your parents know you are here?” Darius had a sad expression on his face, “My parents are dead so Kaia looks after me, she went alone to stop him so I just wanted he help her because I’m not a baby anymore and I can help.” The boy smiled,
“Help her with what exactly?”
“She came to stop Tobias, he was going to attack a town because Crackus told him to, and he wasn’t to leave anyone alive and to burn it to the ground.” Tristan seemed a little confused,
“Does this Tobias have anything to do with that beast that attacked us in Adena it was big and blue with huge wings?” Darius nodded,

          “That is Tobias, so you saw him? Did you see Kaia? Is she ok?” Tristan sighed, he couldn’t believe that beast had a name or that one girl went to fight it. “I’m sorry I haven seen your sister, the beast was strong we couldn’t fight it but the beast left the town and we haven’t seen it since, I was sent to find out about the beasts and how we could fight them in case they attacked again. Can you tell me more about the beast?” Darius bit his lip and shook his head, “I’m not supposed to talk about it with strangers, Dragons are a secret.” Darius covered his mouth, “Dragons? That’s what they are?” Darius nodded his head and Tristan smiled. “Who told you to not talk about it?”
          “Kaia and the council said keeping it secret is best, that it will keep us safe so we all promised not to tell outsiders anything, maybe I should go now? Everyone is probably worried about me” Darius started to walk away, “Wait hold up, why don’t I give you a ride home, we can’t have you walking through the forest alone.”
“No you can’t, a secret remember” Tristan smiled
“Well I’m taking you home whether they like it or not, I’m sure they would prefer you safe and maybe they can answer my questions,” Darius sighed.
“Ok but don’t blame me if they kill you,” he smiled at Tristan and he returned the smile.
“Come on then, let’s get going,” Tristan lifted Darius up onto his horse and then got up behind him and they began on their way.

“Half the day has passed and the beast has not returned and our scouts have not seen anything of it, I think we can safely say that it is not coming back,” Tidas smiled as Marcus sighed “We still cannot be sure it’s really gone, or that another one won’t show up. We are spread thing trying to take care of two towns after an attack as well as protect our borders, we must be sure otherwise we may lose another town.” The knights were gathered in the war room; all gathered in a circle around a table, “Marcus is right we will not be sleeping soundly until we know exactly what happened to the beast and why it stopped its attack. We must send men to search deeper into our lands for the beast or if we find our lands empty we may be more relaxed.”
“Yes my friend but they must not engage it if they find the beast, not until we find out how to stop it.” Marcus turned and headed for the door. “I will tell the king of the plan,” Marcus left the war room as the others stayed pondering.

          Marcus wandered slowly along the halls of the palace thinking about all of the destruction that has happened to his people, all the families that have been tore apart. Marcus knows how hard it is to lose the people you love as his own wife had been taken by death many years before along with their unborn child. As Marcus was walking he passed the palace gardens and for a moment he stopped and stared, Marcus saw his wife sitting by the roses smiling with her long black hair flowing in the wind, her blue eyes shining in the sun looking up at him.
Marcus remembered when he had first met his wife he was just a young soldier and during his year training at the academy he became close friends with the prince who is the current king, which meant he was always around the palace when he was not at his soldiering duties. Katherine was a lady in waiting to the queen and she was the most beautiful woman Marcus had ever laid eyes on, for him it was love at first sight so he spent as much time as he could with her when they both had no duties to attend to, they went on picnics and he spent what little money he had buying her presents. Soon he moved up through the ranks in the army and began earning more so he finally got the courage to ask Katherine to marry him and she couldn’t say yes fast enough, their wedding was beautiful and was attended by all of their friends.

          After a few years of happy marriage Katherine conceived their first child but not long before she was to give birth she was out walking with a friend another lady in waiting, she did this often Katherine liked to feel the wind upon her skin coming from the sea as she stood on the cliff top looking out to the horizon, but this time her friend arrived back at the palace without her she came in tears and Marcus received the worst news of his life. Bandits had attacked them on the cliff top and in the struggle Katherine had slipped over the edge into the sea, he and his men looked but no body was found with the currents it could have been pulled far out to see.
          Marcus sighed at his memories and felt sad remembering the loss of his family and then he continued down the hall on his way to the king to update him on the current plans on searching for the beast, the events of late have taken a huge toll on everyone and Marcus hoped no more devastation would occur.

Kaia had been riding for two days and nights only stopping for short breaks so as to give herself and her horse some rest. The sun was almost about to rise when she came to a rock face and there was a cave leading through Kaia entered the cave and it only took a few minutes to come to the opening at the other end and leave the cave as she did the sun had risen and a new day had begun, Kaia heard a quiet whistling of the wind, but there was only a small breeze as Kaia slightly turned her head to the left and her hand quickly reached up and grabbed the arrow that was heading straight for her head. Kaia saw a young man appear from trees.

          “You almost missed, I could have killed you,” she sighed and smiled at him.
“Well maybe you shouldn’t have been showing off, don’t aim that thing at me again unless you do intend to kill me otherwise I may not be so kind to you.” Tarik smiled
"How was your trip?" the smile faded from Kaia's face,
"Tobias won’t be a danger to anyone anymore." Tarik's smile also faded and nodded his head.
"I'm sorry," Kaia took a deep breath.
"I'm heading into the village to update the council, you be careful what you do with those arrows," she started riding ahead into the trees and she just kept riding until she came to a valley which held a large village full of people who seemed happy and carefree wandering about, working, playing and Kaia rode on into the village stopping at a large circular building.

          Kaia got down from her horse and entered the building, surrounding the room were twelve elegantly carved chairs each with a jewel on the top surrounded by symbols. Eleven of the chairs were occupied and Kaia headed towards the empty chair, the others were silent as she sat herself down. "What news do you bring?" spoke an elderly man, his short hair had faded white and face was covered in deep lines he was all aged and worn. "I have dealt with Tobias, he had destroyed two villages in Adena and there were many losses. I had no choice but to destroy him, he was too far gone and his humanity lost," the room sighed and a man stood up, he was young and his long blond hair was straight and neat as was his long brown tunic covering most of his black leggings. "Crackus is going too far, he is corrupting too many of our people, young and old alike, kidnapping them if they don’t come willingly. Tobias won’t be the last soul to be forever lost if he is not stopped, he is putting our people in too much danger, we are now exposed to the world." They all nodded as the man sat back down. "Kaia there is another thing you must know, Darius ran away not long after you left. The boy is foolish he was speaking of helping you, we sent men out to look but we had no luck in finding him," the elderly man said calmly. Kaia stood up quickly "What? You wait now to tell me? How could you let this happen? He is just a child, what if Crackus finds?" Kaia rushed out of the building with no interference from the council.

Tristan rode up to the rock face and stopped in front of the opening of the cave, "so your village is in a cave?" Darius smiled, "No it’s not in a cave that is just a tunnel, an entrance to my home. Beyond there is a forest and through that is valley which is where my village is." Tristan sighed and smiled at Darius
"Ok let’s get going then," Tristan began to ride ahead into the cave but could barely see in the darkness but came out the other end seeing the daylight again. He saw the forest ahead and made a sudden stop as an arrow flew passed his face hitting a tree. "What the hell was that?"
"Guards of course, our home is well protected,"
"Well thank you for warning me,"
"Sorry I forgot."

          Tristan saw men come out of the trees surrounding them "Strangers are not welcome here" Tarik moved closer to them "step down from the horse," Tristan stepped off the horse and then helped down Darius. Tarik lowered his weapon, "Darius is that you?" Darius smiled and nodded.
"Please don’t kill him, he is my friend and he saved my life." Tarik sighed,
“You should not have brought him here Darius," Tristan stepped forward towards Tarik
"Listen I did not come here for trouble, just to get what information I could on the beast that attacked my home Adena." No one spoke but all weapons were still aimed at him,

          "We have no information for you here." a voice came from the trees and Kaia stepped out into sight "Kaia!" Darius shouted as he ran to her and she knelt down as she welcomed him into her arms.
"Darius you should not have left the village, it's too dangerous" she smiled softly,
"I just wanted to help, don’t make Tristan go, he helped me, he stopped Crackus' men from taking me, can’t we help him?" Kaia's smile faded, she sighed and stood up then walked over and stood in front of Tristan. He smiled, thinking how beautiful she was, standing so strong he saw her long black hair flowing in the wind Tristan just stood staring into her deep blue eyes, so hypnotizing suddenly he snapped out of his daze as she began to speak.

          "I thank you for saving my brother, what has he told you about us?"
"He said you went to stop the beast that attacked Adena, and that it was a Dragon. He wouldn't tell me anymore because you and some council said he wasn’t allowed" Kaia turned her head and looked at Darius; he looked to the ground with a small smile. Kaia sighed "Follow me," she said as she turned and walked away “All of you back to your posts." The men surrounding walked away unhappy, Tarik didn’t move,
"Kaia! He can’t..."
"Enough! Back to your post, I will deal with him and the council."

          Tristan followed Kaia into the forest; she took her horse by its reins and led it through the forest as Tristan walked ahead of his horse using the reins to guide it. He caught up with Kaia walking by her side, "Who is Crackus? And why would he want to take Darius?"
"He’s our...”
"Hush Darius I believe you have said enough," Darius lowered his head and as he continued walking in silence. As they reached the valley the village came into sight and they kept walking until they entered the village as they did people stood staring at the unknown face in their home, fear showed on some faces and some people headed straight for their homes.

          "Why is everyone staring me?" Kaia smiled,
"Because you are an outsider, and we never have outsiders here,"
No, outsiders are trouble, we are surrounded by mountains, the cave is the only safe entrance here and we keep it well protected, it is best if we keep to ourselves." Tristan sighed
"Are you going to tell me anything that I want to know about the beast?"
"All you need to know right now is that the beast as you call it is gone and no longer a threat to your people, I took care of him." Tristan looked confused
"You stopped the beast? Our whole army could not stop it so how did you?" Kaia smiled and stopped outside a small hut "Please wait in here, I must see the council." Tristan sighed and entered the small hut. He heard Kaia's voice outside, “Guard him and make sure he does not leave this hut," then a man’s voice followed
"Yes ma'am" Tristan sat down on a small wooden chair he just kept thinking of Kaia and this place it’s like a secret world excluded from everything, peaceful and quiet. He just wondered what secrets they wanted kept hidden from the world. But they knew something of use to him that he was sure of.

Marcus was in his room at the palace it didn’t carry as many memories as his old home did. After his wife Katherine died Marcus left his home and hasn’t lived there since. Marcus was staring out of his window at the city below and everything was so dark, all he could see was some fires burning with the moon shining down. A knock came from the door and Marcus turned to face it, "Come in!" he said and the door slowly opened revealing the king. Marcus bowed "My lord," King Atreyus smiled "Marcus my old friend there’s no need for that when it’s just us," Marcus returned a smile. "Sorry my lord a force of habit I’m afraid," the king nodded

          `"I’m worried for my son, has there been any news about him?" enquired the King."Not yet sire but he is strong and brave I have faith in him. We just need to give him some time." King Atreyus smiled, "I just hope he doesn’t get into any trouble," the king sighed, “I will leave you to get your rest old friend." Marcus smiled, "yes we are not young men anymore, more sleep is needed now" the king laughed and left the room then Marcus turned again to the window, still thinking.
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17 January 2013 @ 04:35 pm
Seeing Redd
by Frank Beddor

Alyss of Wonderland's rules has only just begun, and already those who prefer chaos to peace are threatening to destroy everything worth imagining. Trailed by newly appointed royal bodyguard Homburg Molly, Alyss is doing her best to keep pace with the non-stop demands of being queen while attempting to evade Molly for a few private moments with Dodge.
Alyss' life is a challenging mix of duty, love and tough decisions, and then a series of phantom sightings set fire to an urban myth of Her Imperial Viciousness' return and have everyone...Seeing Redd.
Has Redd somehow freed herself and her chief assassin, The Cat, from the confides of the Heart Crystal? If not, then who has resurrected Redd's brutal foot soldiers the Glass Eyes and set them loose to attack Wonderland on all sides?
Battles rage, looking glasses explode, and the Alyssians once again unite to defend White Imagination in this fast-paced follow-up to the New York Times bestselling The Looking Glass Wars.(less)

Seeing Redd is the second book in Frank Beddor's trilogy based on Alice in wonderland.

Ok so this second book starts not long after the first book ends with Alyss trying to rebuild what her aunt Redd destroyed. King Arch who is introduced in the first book has a bigger role in this book, he recreates the glass eyes and plots against Alyss while pretending to be a friend. Redd returns through a painting on earth and starts to build an army of ex wonderlanders and human criminals to help her take back her throne. fights happen, redd nearly takes the palace and alyss wins using arch's plan, redd is forced back.

So this book was as enjoyable as the first one, the characters develop a bit more. I still kind of find Redd's character quite childish for a woman of her age, but she does make a good villan being merciless and vicious i also like the way she comes from the painting into the real world but i didn't like the idea of her being blurry, i just cant imagine it well.. We saw Alyss and dodges relationship grow more and i do think they make a good couple. I like Arch because his is manipulative and a good villain but im not sure about his hate for females in power, he is sexist but then again it makes him a better character for his motives and actions.

In both books one thing i wasn't too keen on is the family suits, they switch their loyalties with each monarch and get away from it and i don't particularly find them strong characters.And i wished the characters of the card soldiers and chess pieces felt more real but with them being exactly what they were cards and chess pieces i just couldn't really enjoy them too much as characters.

but overall i did enjoy the book and i am looking forward to ready the third and final book in the trilogy.
The Looking Glass Wars
by Frank Beddor

The first of his Alyss of Wonderland trilogy, Frank Beddor's The Looking Glass Wars is a storming, imaginative tour-de-force that deserves to be not overlooked. Using Lewis Carroll's classic children's story, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, as his inspiration, Beddor has created something new and original, something fresh and exciting.

The Looking Glass Wars is the first book in Frank Beddor's trilogy based on Alice in wonderland.

This is a new take on the story of Alice or in his book Alyss and I think the name re-spelling is interesting, bringing something of his own to the character. The story starts when Alyss is a child living in the Heart Palace at the time of her birthday and she has a very close relationship with her friend Dodge and she has the power of imagination. Now this I was on the bridge about I couldn't decide whether I liked the idea that the imagination could be a real power or whether it was a terrible idea, because people just imagining something and then it happening I don't know, maybe a little too farfetched, even for a story but I kind of liked it as well especially because it had its limits which was good, such as you couldn't just imagining yourself flying, you had to imaging yourself having wings and then them wings taking flight you had to do the whole process it was just an easy thought, so it had its good points and its bad points.

Redd Heart who is Alyss' aunt attacks the Heart Palace trying to reclaim the queendom as she believes it is rightfully hers and in the process does a lot of killing, Dodge tries to hide and protect Alyss as all his life growing up with her has formed a strong bond, a strong love, and I like the relationship they have the princess and son of a soldier, the difference of ranks, a theme done many times but always has a good effect in a story, Redd finally catches up with the princess and her mother and has no trouble killing her own sister Queen Guinevere by way of decapitation, no remorse, no guilt just pleasure at removing her obstacles, I suppose it shows that she has been consumed by the darkness but perhaps I would have liked maybe a small bit of remorse, 1 tear, but the evil that she is does pave the way for the way that she rules over wonderland when she takes power, so it does come in good for telling of the story.

Alyss escapes her aunt by jumping into the mirror entering the crystal continuum with Hatter Madigan (Mad Hatter), I like the idea of travelling through the mirrors and that it's a normal mode of transport for the wonderlanders, its different but similar to portals and it allows you to see through the mirror before you pass back through to the real world at what is going on, like looking through a window, its interesting. They both exit the continuum and come to the Pool Of Tears, which has been said if you enter the pool you are taken from their world and no one ever returns but as they are being chased by red assassin The Cat and soldiers they don't seem to have any choice and dive straight into the unknown and then Alyss pops up out of a puddle into London a different world for Alyss, and Hatter pops up from one in Paris (it seems they got separated along the way), I did enjoy the idea of some of the puddles being portals to wonderland or other worlds, I mean *hands up* who hasn't jumped in a puddle and wanted to taken to a new world, we have all done it, so I did like that idea.

We see Alyss lost in London not knowing where she is or what to do, she is taken in by a group of orphans and helps then gain food and money by stealing and then by using her gift of imagination to have a flower sing in front of crowds to gain money, you kind of get a little sense of Oliver and his street urchins from this lot, the rough times of England. But Alyss' imagination power fades, because in our world magic, power of imagination doesn't exist, so it no longer exists for Alyss and as she is helping the orphans with their thievery she is caught by the authorities and the other orphans abandon her so they are not caught. It shows the true desperation of the time; make sure you look after yourself first.

Alyss is taken into care and then adopted by the Liddell's, they already have children and Alyss finds it hard to fit in as she is made to sound crazy when she tells them about her home and tell her that her name is spelt Alice and not Alyss, they say it is all in her head and wonderland doesn't exist, it's just something she imagined to help her cope with her life, which is an idea I liked because it is very possible for someone who has been though a trauma or troubled life to create a safe world of their own to help them process what has happened to them so it had its sense of reality which I enjoyed. Apart from one man Mr Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) who wanted to hear her tale and so she told him of it,

4 years later the book Mr Dodgson wrote was finished, 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' and Alyss was furious as he had everything wrong retold the story in the wrong way making it out as if it was all made up and a fantasy and so she decided to not speak to him or see him again,. Then finally she started to believe what everyone had been telling her all of this time, that she made wonderland and everyone in it up, she broke and came back to reality, she was growing up in this new world and it had become her home and her reality, I think it was a good idea that she gave up, showing her limits.

We see the book go back and forth between Alyss, Hatter and wonderland, but to be honest the parts I was more interested in as Alyss life, and the rest I read but didn't find as interesting, Hatters travels were amusing as he searched for Alyss around the world, but the fight against red for the rebels in wonderland didn't interest me a lot with the exception of Dodge, after seeing his father murdered by Redds assassin The Cat he grew up filled with hatred and rage and all he wanted was to kill The Cat and get revenge, he became hard and cold, a darker character while he thought Alyss was dead and put himself in constant danger, he was no longer the young boy in love with a princess and I liked the change in his character, shaped by the events of his life.

Now another 5 year Alyss has lived in her new home and now 16 years old she was in London's high society as a young girl of age and availability with young men fawning over her with her mother Mrs Liddell trying to help her choose a husband, and to her mother delight she catches the attention of Prince Leopold I liked that a new love interest was a princes, quite fitting for a former princess of Wonderland, it is like her relationship she had with dodge but now reversed, she was the commoner and she was courting a prince, it's a nice similarity. And the prince proposes to her, she accepts knowing it will make her mother very happy, and she did like the prince.

After another 4 years Redd finds out Alyss is still alive and sends The Cat and soldiers to kill her Dodge comes through the pool of tears after finding out she is still alive and to rescue her first finding her at the masquerade ball, and I love this scene I imagine it great in my head, she has no idea it is Dodge she is dancing with, and I just see them flowing around the ball room, Dodge's love for her rowing, and then he disappears as Leopold comes back, I can imagine his feelings when he know Alyss is to marry someone else, in my mind he has a mix of jealousy and love and then the attack happens at her wedding to Prince Leopold, and dodge reappears again to rescues her from the attack he takes her back to wonderland through the puddles, I like that he came as her knight in shining armour to find and save her.

After returning to Wonderland it takes her a little bit of time to realize that it was all real and she did not make this world and its people up and then has to come to terms with being Wonderlands savoir. I think it should have showed her fight more for the other world, she had spent most of her life there and had a family and think she should have fought more to go back, rather than giving in so easy to being princess/queen Alyss again, and Leopold I wish that she was written with more love for him because one thing that would have made this story so much better is a love for two of the med in her life and I wanted so much for Leopold to be so in love with her that he would find his way to Wonderland and fight for her love, and dodge to do the same, and for her to be torn between them both, and I think that would have made the story stronger.

Alyss then sees the world Redd has created and the lives that have been destroyed and then looks to destroy her and take her place as Queen Alyss of wonderland, but first she needs to enter the maze to strengthen her power, the maze to me was disappointing, I expected more from it, and for it to be harder, and I just think that it could have been a lot better than it was. and we have a few more minor events before we come to the finale with the battle with Redd, which can I say was also a little disappointing, it's one of those points where I thought that the idea of the power of imagination wasn't such a good idea, but it was entertaining enough for me to finish the book as Alyss succeeds and Redd jumps into the heart crystal to escape, which shocked everyone as it has never been done and no one know if she survived.

So overall I did enjoy reading this book, it was entertaining and it did make me want to read the next book

*Imagination power, good at times, not so good at other times
*enjoyed Alyss self doubt to if wonderland was real and her breaking as she decided to forget.
*enjoyed the relationship Alyss had with dodge, the true love aspect between princess and commoner.
*thought that Alyss could have had a better relationship with Leopold, more love and that he would follow her back to wonderland to fight for her.
*the looking glass maze could have been more interesting.
*the final battle wasn't as epic as it could have been.
From Man to Man
by D. E. M. Emrys

Every man has a past, none more so than Draven Reinhardt. Abandoning his old life to settle down as a villager, he struggles to fit in, let alone hold down a job. When opportunity offers the much needed coin, Draven is torn between a promise and a purpose.
But, what's one last job if you've already got blood on your hands?
'From Man to Man' is the story of how one man can change – or not – for the best. Prequel to the upcoming novel 'It Began With Ashes', the short (6400 words) introduces the reader to a world of suspense, intrigue, and action.

From Man to Man is the introduction to Wroge Elements a new series by D.E.M. Emrys.

This piece of short fiction is an interesting introduction to the character of Draven Reinhardt a man who is trying to lead a new life in his new home and leave the troubles of his past in his old life. I like the way the character struggles with himself with a part of him wants to take up his old ways again and the new man who wants to have a normal life with his wife and son. I like the way we can see his thoughts like he is two people in one body. It is all very imaginative and the writing fits well with the characters.

Although this story is short and you don't see much of the world you get a sense that this world he lives in is an interesting one and i cant wait to see more of his world and the characters that dwell in it and to see Draven find his place in the world with his new life and to see if he can keep his promise to his wife. I think it will also be interesting to see his relationship with his wife and child. I am interested in the character because he has his darkness and his good side which i would like to see more of.

The language of the story is easy to follow and flows really well so you can read it quite easy, i didn't get bored, it kept my interest the whole way through and it had its seriousness mixed with a little humor. I like that it is not full of long and boring descriptions it really gets to the point quickly with still being entertaining and doesn't have the feel of being rushed. I like that Draven isn't to talkative, i think it makes his character more interesting and his actions will speak for him, it reminds me a little of Druss and some of David Gemmell's other characters, he has that sort of interest for me.

I will be looking forward to the next story and would love to see more from the characters to see their stories, who they are and how they live. Hopefully they will have some interesting stories and names and the world that he has created i would love to know more about it. It reminds me of the stories by David Gemmell and can tell he has influenced the writing.

From Man To Man is a great read an Id would recommend this book to fellow fantasy readers.

My review can also be seen on Amazonhttp://www.amazon.co.uk/product-reviews/B009QY4EAS/ref=cm_cr_dp_synop?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=0&sortBy=bySubmissionDateDescending#R3TURBUDNNVEFA

and Goodreads http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/16088599-from-man-to-man
The Kingmaker's Daughter
by Philippa Gregory

The Kingmaker's Daughter is the gripping and ultimately tragic story of the daughters of the man known as the "Kingmaker," the most powerful magnate in England through the Cousins' Wars. In the absence of a son and heir, he uses the two girls as pawns in his political games, but they grow up to be influential players in their own right. In this novel, her first sister story since The Other Boleyn Girl, Gregory explores the lives of two fascinating young women.

     At the court of Edward IV and his beautiful queen, Elizabeth Woodville, Anne grows from a delightful child brought up in intimacy and friendship with the family of Richard, Duke of Gloucester, to become ever more fearful and desperate when her father makes war on his former friends. Her will is tested when she is left widowed and fatherless, with her mother in sanctuary and her sister married to the enemy. Fortune's wheel turns again when Richard rescues Anne from her sister's house, with danger still following Anne, even as she eventually ascends to the throne as queen. Having lost those closest to her, she must protect herself and her precious only child, Prince Edward, from a court full of royal rivals.

The Kingmakers Daughter was another brilliant story in Philippa Gregory's best selling series The Cousins War.

I enjoyed the story of Anne Neville showing how she was another woman used as a pawn to help the men in her life achieve their goals. She knew that to survive she would have to play their game and so was married to Prince Edward, son of Margaret of Ajou and Henry VI which lasted a little over a year before he was killed in the Battle of Tewkesbury. I admired how she just played along and waited out the events in the beginning of her life. She was dedicated to her family and tried to put them first, she obeyed every order for the good of her family and family name. The start of her story was quite slow and although enjoyable it seemed the other books in the series were more intriguing all the way through so i did enjoy the last half  of the book more than the first half.

I love the love story between her and Richard, and how he protected her when she went into hiding, into sanctuary and was determined to marry her regardless on the thoughts of his family, she finally had her chance to marry for love and still have the chance to play the game of power. You could see how her character grew stronger throughout the book as she grew up and survived the events she had been through. I did like the way Richard was portrayed in this book because in the others i found him more cold and dark but he was so charming and loyal in this book.

I like the part where her sister was giving birth aboard the ship because i think it was both horrifying and interesting when Anne had to pull out the baby and she was so young and i think it was told really well. Philippa really told the story of the two sisters really well, as all family's the love and hated each other and had a rocky road but in the end they stuck by each other but i think that their relationship could have be told in more detail? maybe? perhaps a book about Isabel and her marriage to George? a possibility? showing the gaps in her story when she went back to England and switched sides? well i can dream.

I did love the way Philippa switched perspectives of Elizabeth Woodville, because in The White Queen she was shown as a victim who stood beside her husband and family, in this book she was portrayed as the villain, the evil witch that strove to hold her power and help her family rise and rule England so it was in interesting switch that i enjoyed.

I'm really enjoying reading about the women of our history as they have such interesting stories to tell and i know some people are hard on Philippa because of some inaccurate historical portrayals but come on people its a FICTION BOOK, she uses some historical facts or figures and uses them to create a fiction story, and i for one can enjoy the book for what it is and i love the history of that era but i can still enjoy the tales of the books.

Although it is not my favorite book in the series i did still really enjoy it and cant wait to read the next book The White Princess.